The Delivery Policy is part of the Waldolytics Marketplace Terms and Conditions.

Guideline/Tutorials are provided and are available on your store dashboard under Shipping/Delivery settings. The key things customers want to know on the platform are:

  • How much the product is going to cost (price of goods)
  • How much the delivery is going to cost
  • How much the total order is including delivery
  • How long the delivery of the product is going to take and will arrive in a reasonable amount of time
  • That their product is well packaged and will delivered without damage

We strive to maintain high standard and principle when it comes to delivery to provide excellent customer service to all our customers. The Delivery Policy is part of the Waldolytics Marketplace Seller Terms and Conditions and is an important part of Marketplace brand.

The Seller Shall:

  • Deliver the package within 3 – 5 days if possible.
  • Pack goods appropriately and safely to avoid damage in transit. For light unbreakable items layers of bubble wrap are good and light. Be prepared for Returns if your item was damaged in the post.
  • Set up shipping costs on the Seller Dashboard using the guidelines in the tutorial.
  • Charge a fair and reasonably fee for delivery.
  • You are also allowed to provide free delivery or price products in such a way that they include delivery fee(s).
  • Stick to your delivery promise and communicate with the customer for any unforeseeable delays using the chat facility provided on the platform.
  • Use your store Dashboard to keep track of your order processing.
  • Avoid putting your Store into Vacation mode. Rather extend the processing time in your Settings on your Dashboard temporarily. Just remember to change it back when you return

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